Thursday, October 11, 2012

Josh and Reese

Josh and Reese are my sister's little kids. I'm starting a blog about them to document the things that my sister sends to me through texts and emails - unfortunately, they live 10,000 miles away from me, my other sister and my mom. Thank God for iMessage, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and every existing technology that help us get in touch with her. My sister, Ria is a busy momma so instead of forcing her and pushing her to post about her everyday conversations with the kids, I decided to expose them my way. LOL In fact, I just texted her that I want to make a blog about her kids, now here I am typing this.

So who ever you are, their other godmother (winks at my other sister), their tito/tita, their grandaunt/granduncle or their Mamita (hi mom!), I hope you enjoy this blog. :)

Circa 2010
When Joshua was in Kindergarten and Reese dropped out of school after the week of her 3rd birthday! ;)

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  1. Wonderful! I miss these little ones so much...<3
    Does that mean i could also post a blog? & how imma do that?